December 13, 2008

One Week on Liquid Diet

Today is my one week anniversary on my pre-op liquid diet. Most of this week wasn't a problem. Last night I went upstairs to watch tv in bed before bedtime. Then I started to smell something so wonderful that I felt like a cartoon character being lifted off the ground, floating through the air with my nose being led by a long string of clouds leading me to what was causing that smell. It was my husband, he was baking a pizza in the oven. How dare he cook a pizza when I am on liquids? I hadn't really started craving anything too strong (except for the DD Bagel from the commerical I had seen earlier in the week) until I started to smell the pizza. I gave him an ugly look, shared a few words with him and went back upstairs to watch tv. After about 2 minutes of smelling the pizza, I decided to turn off the light, the tv and go to sleep hoping the smell wouldn't keep me awake.

This morning I talked to my husband about last night and he apologized. My daughter had told him that I had gone to bed so he thought it was "safe" to cook up a pizza. Granted, it was 10 o'clock at night. He had thought that I was already asleep.

Today we went to the mall to finish up our Christmas shopping. I wasn't sure about going as I knew that I wouldn't be able to eat anything there if we stayed through a meal time. I packed myself a couple of yogurts incase I got hungry. After reviewing the restaurants I figured that I could always get a bowl of chicken noodle soup at Subway and just slurp on the broth or eat at Applebees and enjoy a bowl of their Weight Watchers French Onion Soup. We decided to sit down and eat at Applebees. I ordered the soup without the bread and cheese on top. So I slurped beef broth with onions. I know the onions aren't on my list of foods I can eat pre-op but I ate them anyways hoping they wouldn't hurt too much.

Tonight I enjoyed another Campbells V8 Soup - the Sweet Red Pepper. Yummy! This was my first time enjoying this one. I will definately be picking up a few more at the grocery store tomorrow to enjoy post-op.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. It's the day before my surgery. I need to shave my legs, make up some jello for post-op and pack anything I will be bringing with me to the hospital. Plus I want to make sure the house is clean so when I get home on Tuesday, I won't have to worry about cleaning.

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Zena said...

By now you will have had your surgery, I hope all went well and I am looking forward to reading more blogs from you, take time to relax and heal, don't rush it! I am so excited for you, You are on your way!!!!!