February 16, 2009

I went and worked out again today. It's been a week since I joined the local gym. I'm feeling so good about myself and that I am finally putting myself first. Last week I worked out on Monday for two hours, twice on Tuesday (morning and evening), twice on Wednesday and once on Thursday. I was in a lot of pain so I skipped the gym on Friday. I had a big blister on my heel. The blister is healed up and luckily I found another pair of sneakers in my closet and wore them today.
I took a photo of myself the morning of my first workout. After the work out I came home and took some measurements also. I'm excited to see how many inches I'll lose in a month.

I downloaded a First Day to 5K Podrunner for my MP3 player and I've been utilizing these training sessions. You can download them for yourself at http://www.djsteveboy.com/1day25k.html. Here is some information on the Podrunner: Intervals.

Series mixed by DJ Beatsmith
If you've never run before, or are returning to running after a long hiatus, this series is designed to take you from your first day to a full 5K (3.2-mile) run in just 9 weeks (plus a bonus "graduation mix").
General Information
Each mix should be used 3 times a week
Weeks 5 and 6 have a different mix for each of your three sessions
Each mix includes a warmup and cool-down period
Tempo changes are indicated by a chime, ascending to accelerate, descending to decelerate
Always stretch thoroughly before and after your session
Always hydrate adequately

If you use these mixes to train for a 5K - I'd love to know about it. Send me a photo of yourself at the 5K event and I'll post your picture here!

February 9, 2009

I'm having a GREAT day today!

I am having a really good day today. My husband and I joined the gym in our local town. We spent two hours there this morning working out. He is an ex-powerlifter so he knows his way around all those machines. He was a great teacher and showed me how to use everything. I hadn't put any regular exercising in place yet so I'm really excited to start this step of my healthier lifestyle.

Also, my mom and dad were here visiting me this past weekend and my mom kept complimenting me on how I look. With us going day by day it's so easy to miss those 1/2 pounds here and there - but to someone who hasn't seen us in awhile, it's noticeable. Although I did see my parents the week of December. I really needed to hear those nice words this weekend. I had been feeling a bit down about the slow progress of the band really working.

I had a fill a few weeks ago and I do notice a small change - but it's very small. I'm looking forward to my next fill to get me closer to where I really feel I need to be.

By the way, I'm loving this nice weather. That always makes me feel better and makes me want to get out and start moving more. :)

February 7, 2009

Smaller Legs, Butt and Breasts

I forgot to mention in my earlier post today that my parents are here visiting. I haven't seen them since the end of December when I was still on a blended diet. My mom said that I looked like I had lost weight. She said my breasts look smaller and my legs looked smaller. My husband said that my butt was smaller.
Although I don't feel like I have lost any weight and the scale shows a smaller number than where I started out at - I still feel like I am very big and that I haven't really lost anything.

Two Weeks Post Fill

It's been a full two weeks since I had my first fill. I didn't think the fill was working but this past week I realized that I lost some weight without really trying. I felt like I ate the same, but then it dawned on me that I actually didn't eat as much as I normally do.
It has been hard trying to figure out when I am really full. I have actually stopped eating many times in the middle of my meal and realized that I really was satisfied. I don't need to wait until I have a stomach ache before knowing that I am full.
I've been using toddler divided plates from Tupperware. It helps me portion out my meals so I can re-evaluate whether I'm really hungry after eating a toddler's size portion. This has worked out really well. Plus, I've been using toddler spoons and forks. I highly recommend trying both of them out if you are struggling with portion sizes.
On Monday my husband and I are going to join a local gym. We don't really have the extra money for this since I am currently unemployed but we've decided we'll just have to make the cuts somewhere in our budget to make up for this new expense. I've been feeling pretty good on my eating the last two weeks, I just need to get moving on the exercise.

February 5, 2009

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