December 16, 2008

Officially a Post-Oper

I'm now officially a post oper. I just got home from the hospital. I'm feeling pretty tired and dealing with the gas and what I think is heartburn. The doc at the hospital told me to take some tums when I got home so that is what I just did. I have been burping and it feels really good afterwards. All I've had to eat or drink since surgery is 1 cup of cranberry juice and a jello cup.
After following the pre-op diet perfectly, Dr. F said that my liver didn't shrink at all. He was actually about ready to cancel the band when he decided to give it one more try. Lucky for me he got it on. I would have been so devasted to wake up and not have the band on. Especially after following all the rules and doing exactly what I was suppose to. I was a little nervous that something might be wrong with my liver since it didn't shrink but the doctor I talked to today said to wait until I lose some weight and then they can check my liver again to see how big it is. If it's still big after I lose weight, there could be something wrong. He didn't think that was likely though.
The nursing staff at the hospital was wonderful. I just wish they didn't put us non-eaters in the same room with those who can eat. It was really hard smelling my roommates meals. Especially when all she did was talk about how great it was - with each bite. :(
I'm heading to bed to get some sleep. I'll blog more later about how I'm feeling and what my next steps are.

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d.ritchie said...

I know the feeling. The worst part is almost over. The liquid diet is the hardest part especially after surgery. Keep your eye on the prize and remember soon you will be bikini bound. HEE HEE
I had gas pain 3 weeks out, I consumed a store worth of GAS X chewables. I just couldn't belch or pass gas(FART). So I'm glad to hear you can.
If you need some support during liquids just give Bubba and I a call. We can meet and drink a shake with you.
Take Care and REST REST