December 11, 2008

I'm Hungry

It's day 6 of my pre-op liquid diet and I'm starved. It's probably because I didn't drink my protein shake for lunch today. Instead I had just chicken broth and some sugar free pudding. My family has been eating "normal" meals all week. All day it doesn't bother me that I have to follow this special diet but once the kids get home from school and my teenage daughter starts cooking dinner, the smell makes me crave real food. Today I was watching a commercial for Dunkin Donuts and they showed a bagel and cream cheese. I don't think I've ever craved a bagel with cream cheese before but I definately did today.
I stood on the scale and I've lost two pounds so far this week. In May I joined Weight Watchers with a friend of mine. I weighed in at 282 pounds. The biggest I've ever been. Last week I weighed 259 and this morning I weigh 257. 25 pounds. I know it would have been higher if I didn't go through a tough period this last month. Once I received notification that I was approved for the surgery my mind took over and decided it was time to have a "last supper" every day. This past week, before my pre-op diet, I ate so much junk. For dinner I ate all of my favorite meals - shepard's pie, homemade mac and cheese, chinese buffet plus I ate a twix bar, ben and jerry's ice cream and I hit McDonald's Drive Through. One thing is that I didn't start the pre-op diet feeling deprived or like I am going to miss anything. I feel like I got it all out of the way....for now. I have no doubt that I'll have to battle the cravings for all of those things at one time or another in the future. Armed with my lap band, my willingness to lose this weight and techniques I'm learning along the way to not eat my feelings - I know I will succeed.

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