December 20, 2008

Before Photos

I thought I'd upload a few photos of me from the past year. Some were from Fall 2007 and the others from 2008. I plan on uploading monthly photos throught the 2009 year.

Relaxed photo - then trying to "suck" it in.

Hanging out at the Hilton in Burlington waiting for the Fireworks, July 3, 2008

Fall 2007 Apple Picking

July 2008 at the top of Mt. Washington, NH


oceankisses said...

You GO girl! I hope you get everything you wanted from your new commitment. My baby sister also had the lapband surgery a couple of years ago. said...

Best of of luck with your surgery and your NEW You!!!!

Tanya said...

I am sooo proud of you Tamra! You go girl!!!


Linda said...


Way to go!

And thank you for the link so us VEST members can keep updated on how you are doing.

Happy Holiday!

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