May 14, 2009

Post-Op 5 Month Update

Wow, I can't believe that it's been five months since I had the lap band. Time has flown by quickly, although sometimes not quick enough. It has been a long process so far. Last month it was one year since I applied for the surgery. When we go through this process all we focus on is the light at the end of the rainbow. The day that we can feel fit, healthy and not fat!
Although I am so happy with the lap band so far, I definitely wish the weight was coming off faster. I still haven't lost any weight since the beginning of January. My pants are bigger and I can now fit into some clothes that were too tight for me but I want to see the scale go down.
Last week I had my third fill. I have 5cc in my 10cc band right now. I had been on the fence about getting another fill as I was feeling some good restriction with my last fill but the last month my hunger and the amount of food I could eat had increased. I'm feel very good, and hopeful about my latest fill. Hopefully this time next month I'm bragging about a 6 pound weight loss. Wouldn't that be nice? :)