February 9, 2009

I'm having a GREAT day today!

I am having a really good day today. My husband and I joined the gym in our local town. We spent two hours there this morning working out. He is an ex-powerlifter so he knows his way around all those machines. He was a great teacher and showed me how to use everything. I hadn't put any regular exercising in place yet so I'm really excited to start this step of my healthier lifestyle.

Also, my mom and dad were here visiting me this past weekend and my mom kept complimenting me on how I look. With us going day by day it's so easy to miss those 1/2 pounds here and there - but to someone who hasn't seen us in awhile, it's noticeable. Although I did see my parents the week of December. I really needed to hear those nice words this weekend. I had been feeling a bit down about the slow progress of the band really working.

I had a fill a few weeks ago and I do notice a small change - but it's very small. I'm looking forward to my next fill to get me closer to where I really feel I need to be.

By the way, I'm loving this nice weather. That always makes me feel better and makes me want to get out and start moving more. :)


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Today's the day!!
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Eighty MPH Mom said...

Good job! I am very proud of you!