February 16, 2009

I went and worked out again today. It's been a week since I joined the local gym. I'm feeling so good about myself and that I am finally putting myself first. Last week I worked out on Monday for two hours, twice on Tuesday (morning and evening), twice on Wednesday and once on Thursday. I was in a lot of pain so I skipped the gym on Friday. I had a big blister on my heel. The blister is healed up and luckily I found another pair of sneakers in my closet and wore them today.
I took a photo of myself the morning of my first workout. After the work out I came home and took some measurements also. I'm excited to see how many inches I'll lose in a month.

I downloaded a First Day to 5K Podrunner for my MP3 player and I've been utilizing these training sessions. You can download them for yourself at http://www.djsteveboy.com/1day25k.html. Here is some information on the Podrunner: Intervals.

Series mixed by DJ Beatsmith
If you've never run before, or are returning to running after a long hiatus, this series is designed to take you from your first day to a full 5K (3.2-mile) run in just 9 weeks (plus a bonus "graduation mix").
General Information
Each mix should be used 3 times a week
Weeks 5 and 6 have a different mix for each of your three sessions
Each mix includes a warmup and cool-down period
Tempo changes are indicated by a chime, ascending to accelerate, descending to decelerate
Always stretch thoroughly before and after your session
Always hydrate adequately

If you use these mixes to train for a 5K - I'd love to know about it. Send me a photo of yourself at the 5K event and I'll post your picture here!


kreations said...

That is great you are putting yourself first. As a new mom it is hard for me to that, but I make a point when I feel myself slipping.

Pam said...

Visiting via SITS. Good for you for joining a gym. I love the 5k training program. I took up running for the first time ever about a year and a half ago and I followed a program from Health magazine (I think). It didn't have a music download though. I had to make my own. I LOVE this idea. I will check out the site. I haven't run in a while and I'm sure I would need to start at the beginning again. :(