January 11, 2009

My First Post-Op Visit

I had my first post op visit on Thursday. Things seem to be progressing perfectly. Although I do wish I was losing more weight. Starting tomorrow I will be journaling all my meals again. I don't have any restrictions with my band like I did when my stomach was swollen from the surgery. Now that things are healing inside, I can get an adjustment/fill. I have one scheduled for January 27th. I will see the doctor again on the 22nd just to make sure that I am handling solids okay. I received the green light to start eating normally. Although I do need to remember to keep chewing and to eat slowly.

Last night I had a slice of pizza. I know it's not on my new eating plan but I just couldn't resist the temptation. I think that is the biggest thing I struggle with: resisting all the temptations around us. Throughout the day we are introduced to so many things that aren't good for us or our bodies. On your way to work or even the mall, how many fast food restaurants do you drive by? Why does the grocery store spotlight all those processed foods and seasonal candies (Valentine's Candy all over the Hannafords store). I love utilizing my DVR to watch a program because I can fast forward through the commercials. It seems like almost 1/2 of the commercials are based around food - whether it's for a product or restaurant.

I have found since being laid off in August that I spend alot more time watching tv. Now that the winter is here and it's so cold outside, I have found that I get lazy and want to just "veg" on the couch. I really need to find something to do during the day that gets me up and moving. I'd love to start walking at the University Mall in the morning. I'll be putting out an email today on my local lap band group for a walking buddy. I'm hoping that getting up early and getting in some regular exercise will help motivate me to keep moving the rest of the day. If anyone has any ideas on things to do besides watch tv during the day, please let me know. I do not love the cold so outdoor activities when it's 10 degrees out, is out. I also have no money to spend on anything, so it needs to be free. A group of lap banders when snowshoeing last night. I would have loved to have joined them but it was 2 degrees out and I don't have the proper winter clothes. I do have a nice winter coat but no snow pants or good boots for the winter. So - let me have it - send those suggestions to me. I'd love to hear them and hopefully I can find a couple that will help me. If I choose any of your ideas, I'll reward you with a repurposed notebook that I have made and sell in my Etsy store (http://sockmonkeygreetings.etsy.com). I have more on hand that I haven't listed yet - so I'll send you a photo of one to choose from.

If you live in the Burlington area and you'd like to meet me at the UMall at 7:45am each morning for a walk and coffee, let me know.


Zena said...


I have not been able to read your blog since pre-banding as the link didnt work, But it is working now wooooohoooooo. I have read your blog to date and think you are doing a wonderful job and copeing really well.

I am also waiting for my fill (friday) it will be my second and I too would love to have first week restriction back, What a great feeling.

I am struggling a bit at the moment and have to sort my head out. I am not eating the best foods but that's my own fault.....as usual.

Good for you, keep up the great work and maybe I can follow your example LOL.

Zena xx

Suzette said...

I just wanted to say congrats on your Lap-Band surgery!

You are SO right about how the environment influences our food choices. Researchers are even studying this now (although it seems quite obvious!). You are smart to avoid food commercials!!

As far as keeping busy...
...it seems to me you are quite talented if you are making repurposed notebooks. What other things can you make? Scrapbooks? Do you knit, crochet, or needlepoint...or have you ever considered doing so?(It's hard to eat when hands are occupied!)