July 25, 2009


Yesterday morning I tried eating some yogurt for breakfast. I had very good restrictions. This was the first time after a fill that I actually felt like I had restriction. The feelings reminded me of my first few days post-op. It took me about an hour to eat 4oz of yogurt. Later in the day I started having some pain when I was sipping water. I held off eating anything else until dinner time. At that point I tried to eat some soup. The liquid was very hard to get down and immediately I felt pain. The night before I had no problems eating and was surprised that I was having difficulties. I couldn't even handle eating a sugar free popsicle.
This morning I woke up to the same problem. Everytime I attempt to sip any water, I get pain immediately. I spend the next 15 minutes spitting my own saliva in a cup because swallowing that is painful.
I broke down and called the doctor tonight. I'll be meeting him in the ER tomorrow morning to get some taken out. I'll make sure I update you all on how I'm doing after the fill. I'm really looking forward to drinking water again!

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