April 9, 2009

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My New 30 said...

Hi, I'm Mary, popping over from SITS! I try to visit the person who posted on roll call ahead of me every day, and today that was you!

I think that it's fantastic that you are becoming more active. Since reaching the age of 50, and going through menopause, my metabolism has screeched to a full blown halt and I have never been one to exercise. When I was younger I was always on the run and going, going so it didn't matter much - now, I know I need to do some regular exercise but find little to motivate me these days - not even weight gain!! And then of course I decide to go and start a southern food blog LOL! Oh well...

Best of luck with your venture, you seem quite determined and exercise is the best way to deal with rapid weight loss. I'll bet in no time you'll be a whole new woman!

Have a great week!